Since the very beginning of our business, we have been doing a lot of training in styling and painting with Annie Sloan CHALK PAINT paints. We host course students from different parts of Poland in Warsaw on Brukselska 26 and in Kozienice on Radomska 51. Cheap accommodation in agritouristic guesthouses and interesting history of Kozienice attracts students not only for training but also for breaking away from reality, for a day of relaxation and Passion.

At present the studio in Kozienice is located in a more than 100 years old building with a suitable climate, ie a tiled stove, bipartite doors, and there on the walls hand-painted wallpaper with ANNIE SLOAN paint, doors and floors also painted with Chalk Paint products, and furniture gallery and colors, which you can see live during the workshop.

The second point is a studio in Warsaw in the famous bohemian part of the artistic booth, namely Saska Kepa, on the extension of Francuska Street that is Brukselska 26.

Therefore, I have the great pleasure to invite all those interested to us who would like to exchange without any experience the old furniture in a beautiful and unique item and learn the styling and interesting techniques of decorating furniture. You will learn how to start an adventure with chalk paints Annie Sloan and get to know the most popular techniques of styling and patinizing furniture. You will learn how to prepare before painting and to protect already painted surface. When and how do we use light and dark wax, how to do it yourself colorful waxes. Any new technique you will train under our eye on small furniture that you can bring, and if you do not have anything in store we will prepare something for you to learn how to stylize the furniture and with a satchel to take home for souvenir.

Our training as one of the few distributors is extended with the knowledge necessary for interior design. During the day of full learning, we provide you with knowledge of color patterns and interior styles, answer questions like how to avoid designer mistakes and how to create beautiful interior. As an interior designer, I share everything I know to help you create the perfect home for you

The price of the workshop beyond the theoretical and practical knowledge includes all necessary materials such as brushes, waxes, paints, or templates.

The price includes delicious lunches, tea, coffee and drinks.

All participants on the day of the workshop can take advantage of a 10% discount on Annie Sloan paint.

We work in intimate groups to give you the best time to gain knowledge and experience

I sincerely invite and recommend to everyone. You really do not need any experience, just a little passion for creating beautiful things.


For signup please contact Karolina at: 510 522 155 lub email:

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