About paints

Annie already in the 90's created this unique CHALK PAINT paint. The market lacked a product that would meet her artistic needs and therefore created her own recipe. Purpose: Very good grip and ease of use. So chalk paint was created with an extraordinary palette of colors. By creating it, Annie was inspired by the various historical epochs and places she was in. Annie products are now known around the world. With the recession in Europe, there was a tendency to paint furniture, not buying new ones as it was popular in the 1990s. Also dear customer, if you dream of transforming your kitchen, chest of drawers or another piece of furniture, it is Annie Sloan's paint that is what you need to do without the big money to give the furniture a new style, color, just change it or refresh it.

The palette currently has 36 colors, which can be mixed with each other and create new colors.

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Annie Sloan's paint is a very easy to use chalk paint. We can use it without any prior preparation of the furniture without so-called priming or grinding. All you have to do is to degrease your furniture with water with dishwashing liquid or extraction gas. The paint can be used on almost any surface such as wood, veneer, glass, metal, plastic, wall, floor or upholstery. You can even use it as a dye for soft fabrics and rub old curtains. We can easily paint it with furniture made of raw wood as well as varnished, covered with paint lacquer, oil paint, etc.

The advantage of the paint is also their performance because 1 liter of can can paint about 13 m2 of surface. Depending on the finishing technique, one layer is firmly covered and gives, for example, a brush structure, or the dye can be diluted and in this way the texture of the texture can be controlled using various brushes. You can find more details on the instructional film from our studio.

Use a wax or varnish to paint. Wax Annie Sloan Soft Wax We recommend for furniture such as chest of drawers, armchairs, chairs, so that the furniture can be fully protected against damage. Currently 4 wax colors are available. Clean, white, black and rustic. Waxes are very plastic and serve not only impregnation, but also, as in the case of rustic wax aging, patinating, etc. The paint is recommended to finish the modern furniture as well as the floor tops, tables or kitchen fronts.